What ages is this journal for?

Posted by Alex Fox on

HappySelf Junior edition and continuation edition

The age range is 6 to 12 based around what my own children would enjoy and be able to do. Depending on your child’s reading and writing abilities they may need some guidance at the younger end of the scale. There is flexibility and I have had good feedback from parents buying it for 3 to 5 year olds as well as young teens (and adults).

The journal has been designed to have little writing and there is plenty of space for different handwriting styles or drawing. The paper quality can cope with a range of pencils and pens.

I highly recommend you fill out the journal with your child, even acting as scribe if your child is tired or dislikes writing, so that the emphasis can be on the conversation and reflection rather than the act of writing.

Available in yellow and a range of limited edition colours.

Translated into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

US English also available.


HappySelf Journal 12+ Edition

This one is designed with teens and young adults in mind. It follows the same daily journaling format but with a slightly more grown-up feel (ie without our family of characters). It also introduces a weekly structure and emphasis on developing healthy habits.
Popular with adults too. This journal is the perfect tool for you to join in with your child and share the journaling experience together.
Available in Cobalt Blue and Silver.
Translations coming soon.